What's it all about?

You might be wondering why this project exists. If you've ever been on holiday somewhere unfamiliar or have visited a congregation to give a talk perhaps you've had difficulty finding the hall. Satellite navigation (sat nav) units are wonderful for helping you find a location if you have the address and/or post code. But wouldn't it be even easier if you could just select the congregation from a list directly in your sat nav unit? Or even be able to ask the sav nav unit where the nearest kingdom halls are? Well this is what a point-of-interest database does.

Some definitions

POI - Point-of-interest
A location such as a building, place, landmark, etc. that is stored along with a GPS location.
POI Database
A file containing one or more POI of a particular type. For example, a file of all the petrol stations in the UK.
GPS - Global Position Satellite(s)
Satellites used by a GPS device work out current location.

Project Status