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The TheoTools project is here to bring together theocratic software and other tools and make them available to any who need them. Initially you'll find TheoSound, a sound console system designed to provide added features by means of sound console computer and make it simple to use. A point-of-interest database of all the Kingdom Halls is being worked on as well, since this will allow you to easily find local halls when on holiday or when visiting a congregation to give a talk.

We're also happy to host other theocratic projects, though they must meet certain basic restrictions imposed by SourceForge. We always welcome any constructive comments or help you can give.

KH POI Update

We're almost up and running with the first release of the Kingdom Hall Point-of-Interest database. You'll be able to search the current confirmed hall locations and submit new ones. Also, the POI file will be available in many sat nav formats.

TheoSound Released

The first release of TheoSound is available! Please keep in mind that this release is intended for experienced users and does require some pre-setup before using the files. We are working on a more complete product that will include installation and configuration scripting.

As always, if you can help please let me know.

Hello all!

Welcome to the start of the TheoTools project. To get things started I've added a number of tasks for the two initial projects - TheoSound and KH POI. These will give an idea of what is to come. Also, docs are available for TheoSound, and I hope to have the actual code for the sotfware up soon.

Project Status